Monday, January 15, 2007

rooney for the first day... 7th December 06

It was thursday 7th of december during office hour, i was doing my work, surfing as usual for the website and all suddenly my bf asked me, AH DEAR AH DEAR!!!! GR for oni RMXXX...( well..for confidencial purposes i had to disclose the amount of my fren offered the price for me) oppss...i forgot to add in GR equals to Golden Retriever, a pet i wanted to have since ages ago. To many dog fans out there, i always envy them as they can take care of their dogs and to keep one for themselves, i was planning to get one only when i have my own bigger house rather than the small apartment im staying now. Since my sis also doesnt like a pet in house, so i had to control not to have bf msn me and says' the GR for a cheap price.tempted and also feel those adrenalins that rush from my blood flow in my body, we both decided to just take it. At first we were quite excited coz since its our first dog, i was quite worried we're unable to have him with us.
Things pretty well uptill we meet up the owner at night around centrepoint BU. From far, i saw a white color doggy playing around with two guys and a women there. So i assume that is rooney, LOL!! oh ya...we both decided on the name even before we get the dog. Surprising eh?? This is when i first time hold him...he was quite quiet sitting there sniffing and looking at me...even more surprise.,,..we both went to the car, he fell asleep uptill i reached home. Hw was quite hyper when he first step into my apartment...running here and there...well not to left out the poops and wees part. :P

For my impression towards rooney for the first time is that he's sleeping all the time. Cant denied, puppy is puppy. He was oni 7 weeks old when we brought him back and yet, he was quite errr.....hyper a while and also lazy at the same time. glad to have him as a member now... :)

so the story begins...